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Emeril Lagasse

Different brands of clam juice vary in sodium content; choose one that has less than sixty milligrams per ounce.

Recipe of the Week

Simply Wonderful Strawberry Cake

Every one of the recipes in this chapter is unique. This strawberry cake is a very old recipe. The results, however, are very vogue. The cake is a luscious pink. Though made with a cake mix, your guests will never guess!

Inn-credible Summer Rates at Naples Inn

With summertime rates starting at $335, guests can also experience the exclusive Club Level Suites and added amenities.

Award-Winning Ixora Spa at Scrub Island Resort

Revamped Treatments, Wellness Menus and Facilities.

Joyce LaFray’s Big Guide to Florida Restaurants

Easily, this is Florida’s largest and most popular guide. Suggestions run the gamut, from hidden seafood huts to glitzy SouthBeach gourmet bistros.
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