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Cicely's Curried Chicken

Originally published in: "Tropic Cooking: The New Cuisine of Florida and the Caribbean"

Ginger Sherried Roasted Pork

Originally published in - Cuba Cocina!: The Tantalizing World of Cuban Cooking- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Joyce’s Jerk Chicken

This cooking technique is over 300 years old and consists of blending a combination of herbs and spices.

Drunken Pork Chops

Here the lowly pork chop takes on an air of importance.

Tenderloin Roast with Fresh Thyme

Aunt “Jo” was the sister I never had. Whenever I prepare this recipe, I think of her and the fun times we had together.

Tenderloin Roast Simply Done

A tenderloin, or filet of beef is a tender and tasty cut of meat that, although expensive, produces little waste and provides very good eating

Veal Chops “Condessa” with Raw Onion and Parsley

A quick and tasty dinner that’s good for family as well as well-heeled guests.

Vienna Veal Cutlets and Concasse Sauce

It was in Vienna, Austria, where I feasted on veal cutlets and sachertort for one whole week.

Rolled Stuffed Flank Steak

A most colorful and fantastic way to prepare flank steak.
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